How to apply

All applicants go through ContinUA, the Admissions Office at the University of Alicante. Please download the application guidelines. Please read them thoroughly and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All applicants are required to submit the electronic application form. If the application is successful, the applicant will receive from ContinUA the necessary instructions to complete the enrolment process.

Required documentation

For pre-registration, students will need the following documents:

  • DNI, NIE or Passport.
  • Diploma for undergraduate degree Academic certification.
  • Curriculum Vitae.

For registering, students must turn in the originals of official academic documents, duly legalised and translated if the original document is not in Spanish.


For entry in October 2018, there are two application deadlines:

  • Stage 1: 8th March-30th May 2018
  • Stage 2: 6th June-6th July 2018

Applicants are strongly advised to apply early as the programme may become full before the later deadlines.


Please check the current fees for the master’s programme.