Professor Frances Elisabeth Olsen (UCLA) will give the seminar "Women & Hollywood: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" at the Salón de Actos (Germán Bernácer Building, University of Alicante, on 9th May.


Professor Frances Elisabeth Olsen (UCLA, Los Angeles, California)

Professor Olsen will give the seminar " Women & Hollywood: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"  at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts on 9th May. The seminar will consist of two sessions (4 hours): "The Big Split: Sex Based Salary Inequality" (2 hours) and "Is the Casting Couch a Castaway? Sexual Harassment in Hollywood: Law & Practice" (2 hours).  The first session will begin at 9h30 and finish at 12h (Aula Magna). And the second session will begin at 12h30 and finish at 14h (Sala Mario Benedeti, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts)

Participants who would like to receive a certificate of attendance will need to register online.