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Visiting professors 2017-2018


  • Dr. Sophie Loussouarn, Jules Verne Picardiè University in Amiens: "Brexit: What next after the triggering of article 50?" October 2017.
  • Professor Dr. Liao Meizhen, Central China Normal University in Wuhan: "Courtroom discourse analysis." November 2017.
  • Dra. Carole Chaski, "Linguistics as a forensic science: Cases, challenges, methods". The Institute of Linguistic Evidence, Georgetown, Delaware, USA. December 2017.
  • Professor Dr. Dieter Stein, "Language in the Law: The pragmatic turn in the Law". Heine-Heinrich Universität, Düsseldorf. December 2017.
  • Dr. Sven Kotowski. "Language & Food". Heine-Heinrich Universität, Düsseldorf, March 2018.
  • Professor Dr. Frances Elisabeth Olsen. "Women &Hollywood: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow". UCLA, LA, California. May 2018.