PROFESSOR DR. ÁNGELA ALMELA (UNIVERSITY OF MURCIA). SEMINAR: " Real eyes realize real lies (or maybe not): The thrilling study of deception and some tools for its detection"(Edificio Polivalente, Class 5 on 4th December 2018)

The popularity enjoyed by deception detection has trascended formal research, reaching popular culture and giving rise to several forms of entertainment such as "cheap" or "paperback" literature: it has even reached the relevision industry, becoming the central theme of different TV programs. However, this increasing appeal of deception dectection has also fed widely held myths into the popular consciousness which are debunked. Accordingly, this session will firstly address the question of the nature of deceptive language. Then, we will explore the shaping of decption in everyday lies, high stakes deception in forensic contexts, and other particular kinds of deception. Furthermore, the main professional methods of deception detection will be overviewed, including physiological and behavioural methods, with a particular emphasis on linguistic cues to deception. The last part of the session will be devoted to the study of potential applications of computational linguistics and natural language processing to the study of lies, presenting an English-Spanish contrastive study.


Dra. Ángela Almela

University of Murcia